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Ark of the Covenant
Update 1
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Where is the Evidence?

Many people understandably write to me requesting evidence for the blood karyotype, or for photographs or video of the Ark of the Covenant. It is true that Ron Wyatt was told not to produce any physical evidence until the correct time. I can completely understand why some feel unsure about this Discovery unless they can see some physical evidence for themselves.

Ron was told that the Tables of Stone, sample of blood, and good clear video of the Ark of the Covenant would be put on public display sometime after a universal religious law was passed. This law will force man to break God's law, so we must understand that this is God's timing and not man's.

While I can only guess at why God has timed it so, may I offer the following OPINION. If the evidence was released now, what would be the reaction of most of the non-christians that you know? I believe that most would say, "Wow, what an amazing discovery!" They would listen and be amazed by the news reports etc. but most might then continue their life as usual. They might continue their lives unconverted and the discovery wouldn't make any difference to them. They can abstain from the message of the discovery, claiming that it is irrelevent to them, they are not "religious" and they are not interested in it any further.

BUT, if the discovery was released sometime after the universal religious law was passed, the message of the Ark would be relevent to EVERY individual on earth. Everyone would be forced at that time to make a decision either for God and His law, or against. They would be faced with the decision to either keep God's law or man's law in contradiction. Thus no one could abstain from the message of the Ark, and it would be relevent to everyone on earth.

Christians have always understood the importance of taking the Bible as their final authority. Very few have physically SEEN Jesus, yet they believe in Him because they believe in the Bible. No one has seen physical evidence for the life, death and resurection of Christ, yet we believe because the Bible says it is so. In fact, if you were to show a Christian something from the Bible, then they turned around and said, "But where is your physical evidence", surely that would suggest they don't have the faith in the Bible that they might claim. If the Bible says it, but it is still not good enough, and they require further evidence.

There is of course biblical evidence for the blood and water of Christ on the Mercy Seat. Heb 9:19 is where Moses sprinkles blood and water above the law in order to confirm the Old Covenant. This was a type of Christ confirming the New Covenant which we know He did on the cross. So what did Christ have to do in order to confirm the New Covenant in exactly the same way as Moses did? Sprinkle His blood and water above the law, just as Ron Wyatt found! For more on this please read
"Update 2"

Physical evidence will soon be available for this Discovery, but until that time, please remember that biblical evidence far supercedes physical evidence, and my friendly challenge to everyone, is to find an alternative antitype to Heb 9:19, if it is not found in this Discovery.  If one cannot find such an alternative in the Bible, please do not attack this discovery, as one would HAVE to accept that it is the only antitype for Heb 9:19, thus it is biblical. You could be warring against the Holy Spirit!

Remember, blood AND WATER is required to fulfil Heb 9:19, and this was never offered on the Ark of the Covenant in heaven. Nor was there ever a ceremony that was carried out in heaven that confirmed the New Covenant. The New Covenant was confirmed on the cross. Thus, the blood AND WATER of Christ HAD to be sprinkled above the law, on the cross, and so the antitype cannot be found in any heavenly ceremony. The only time anything was offered on the heavenly Ark was at the Dedication of the Heavenly Sanctury, and the antitypical Day of Atonement. Neither of these are the antitype to the Confirmation of the Covenant, and neither of these ceremonies included the sprinkling of blood AND WATER.

May God bless you as you study these things, and if you'd like more information on the universal religious law soon to be passed, please just send me your snail mail address.

In His service,   Aaron.

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